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General Rules and Requirements

Applications are open to photographers worldwide who use smartphones. The photos must be taken with any smartphone or tablet. Participants are required to specify the brand and model of the phone/tablet with which they took the photos they want to upload during the application. Participants found not to have participated in the Competition with any smartphone or tablet will be disqualified.


Photos cannot be altered and uploaded in desktop image processing applications. Photo applications that can be downloaded from smartphone app stores (excluding image processing programs) can be used.


 Photos must be in their original dimensions. They should not be smaller than 1000 pixels in height or width.


Winning participants are required to present the originals of their work in accordance with the procedure after the competition's conclusion. All EXIF data must be preserved in the submitted files. If EXIF data is altered, corrupted, or marked as incomplete, the photo will be disqualified from the Competition.


 There is no limitation regarding the time or date when the photos were taken.

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