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Architecture and Design category sponsored by Hamm Design includes photographs of architectural structures, interior spaces, bridges, design elements, and visually compelling features. Theme "Escape form Trends" for extra ordinary. This category encompasses architectural details, overall building appearances, both modern and traditional designs, how structures harmonize with their surroundings, and the aesthetic aspects of design. Photographers can participate by capturing images that emphasize the structural features, compositions, and aesthetic values of these subjects, showcasing a creative perspective.

Architecture and Design

The Travel Category, sponsored by IGA Istanbul Airport, encompasses photographs of places, landscapes, cultural elements, and travel experiences discovered worldwide. Participants have the opportunity to capture natural beauties, cultural details, dynamics of city life, and reflections of local lifestyles during their travels. They can join the competition with striking images featuring various themes such as natural landscapes, cultural diversity, vibrant street scenes, and human portraits. This category offers a broad perspective to reflect unique moments encountered in traveled locations and geographical diversity.


The Environment and Ecology category, sponsored by EasyCep, is designed to highlight the preservation of natural life, emphasize environmental interactions, and draw attention to ecological balance. This category encompasses photographs that focus on environmental issues, depicting human interaction with nature, the beauty of natural life, and efforts toward environmental conservation. Participants can join the competition with striking images that highlight natural habitats, biodiversity, the relationship between humans and nature, or changes in environmental issues

Environment and Ecology


The Street Category, sponsored by Galataport Istanbul, aims to reflect the dynamism of city life, the character of streets, and the diversity of daily urban life. This category encompasses photographs that depict street views, the energy of city streets, human interactions, and various aspects of urban texture. Participants are invited to compete with striking images that highlight colorful moments on the streets, architectural details, human portraits, or unique elements of city life


The Sports Category aims to reflect the diversity of physical activities, the excitement of sports and the dynamism of athletic performance. This category includes photographs depicting sports events, athlete performances, the atmosphere of gyms and sports-related emotions. Participants are invited to compete with impressive images that capture a variety of sports disciplines, athletes' unique talents, split-second moves or passionate moments in sports.


The Lifestyle Category, sponsored by Tivibu, aims to reflect the diversity of everyday life, personal preferences, and various lifestyles. This category encompasses photographs that depict personal styles, the rhythm of life, cultural interactions, and different aspects of daily life. Participants are invited to compete with striking images that emphasize unique styles, traces of different cultures, the diversity of daily life, or individual preferences.


The Portrait and People Category aims to reflect human figures, emotions, characters, and the diversity of human life. This category encompasses photographs of portraits, emotional expressions, life stories, cultural diversity, and the various roles people play in the world, including selfies. Participants are invited to compete with compelling portraits that vividly depict human figures, emotionally charged moments, or images representing diverse life experiences.

Portrait and People

The Food Category aims to showcase delicious dishes, food preparation processes, presentations, and the cultural and visual aspects of dining. This category encompasses photographs that capture the visual appeal of meals, the intricacies of flavors, moments in the kitchen, and the creativity associated with food, whether in a café or restaurant setting. Participants are invited to compete with stunning food photographs, moments of food preparation, and captivating images that emphasize the cultural and immediate significance of dining experiences, from sipping a coffee to savoring a meal in a café.


The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Category is dedicated to evaluating mobile photos taken with smartphones, generated using artificial intelligence applications. To participate in this category, you can submit photos captured with your smartphone or tablet after recreating them using an artificial intelligence software. In the AI category, participants are expected to present and validate their original works


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